It's all about Happy Cow Happy Milk

ActiveMoo Farms inspired company found on strong Indian values to support the subject of nutrition. We are connected with Mother Nature to support our noble cause and cows are the centre of our hearts, guiding us all the way. We are in a journey of contributing to your health by our innovative and nutritious high quality products. The core idea behind the project is improving the longevity of cows and the concept of Healthy Cow,Healthy Milk leading eventually to Happy Cow, Happy Milk.

It is a world-class 12 acres farm, nestled in the serene landscapes far away from the urban polluted suburbs, providing a fresh and unpolluted environment for our cows. It is located 40 kilometers away from Indore on the banks of river Shipra, in a village of Jamodi in Sanwer district in Madhya Pradesh.

Birth of Active Moo Farms

Since 2011, our team of cow-enthusiasts have been enhancing their knowledge and experience in dairy. We ventured into dairy consultation in 2015 and even successfully managed to turnaround a sick dairy unit into a profitable one within a short span of 6 months. Our extensive research is being shared on a continuous basis with scientists and veterinarians from India, USA and Israel.

As consultants, we did not have a free-hand at pursuing our passionate dream of . With the knowledge we acquired, we were well-equipped to make a difference in the dairy farming practices and create new benchmarks in this industry. In order to give life to this passionate dream, we set up our own dairy farm where we could implement our learnings and set up world class infrastructure.

  • Just to give a glimpse of our dreams
    • Creating benchmarks in nutrition of milk Naturally.
    • Conceptualize and minimize the difference between a Happy Cow and Comfortable Cow
    • To idealize dairy farming and educate farmers to produce the right milk with the right manner
  • We focus on happiness of cow as we believe, Healthy and happy cows generate ActiveMoo Farms A2 Cow Milk.
  • We strongly believe that knowledge increases by sharing, so gradually we are stepping into education

Our Mission

To Increase The Longetivity Of Our Happy Cows & have The Highest Yielding Cow In India.

Our Vision

To be the best farm in India creating benchmarks in nutrition of milk Naturally.

Our Value

Ahimsa True Ethics Jiv daya Good Character Seva

Our Team

Our Specializing