Our Care for Cows

Each heifers is very carefully selected while purchasing. All of them are geonomically tested than nurtured with the right nutritious fodder and kept in happy environment at our own farm. Transforming them from comfortable heifer to happy cows.

Our main focus to optimise health of the dairy cows through the nutrition and support the cows' immune system, productivity and efficiency. they get a planned meal every day. We specially prepare a wholesome diet to keep them healthy and happy. Our nutritionists ensure that there is the right balance of minerals; vitamins and tailor made menu for different ages of the cows and their physical needs. We call this a Total Meal Ration and it is designed to keep every cow in prime healthy condition. The result is rich wholesome milk that is natural and full of the vital goodness of cow's milk.

We are continuously working to upgrade the living standards of our cows. We understand and pay detail attention to them and their need and put utmost efforts to fulfill them. We maintain their minute detail records to an extend that we even know how many times she has chewed her food.

Our Happy Cows