Quality Cows

Our cows are carefully selected from hundreds of cows and tested genomically for various parameters including A2A2.

Quality Feed

Our fodder is sourced from the best fields of India, and converted in such a form which is highly palatable to the cows.

Quality Milk

We balance our cattle’s feed based on her various requirements so that she gets only the BEST, because you drink what she eat.

Our farm has adopted the latest technology to closely monitor our cow's behaviour, their activities and our processes. We maintain detailed records to the extent we even have a log of how many times the cow chews her food.

Our fodder is sourced from the best fields of India and converted in a highly palatable form to ensure they get the best and most balanced nutritious fodder and feed available as per International NRC guidelines.

Our cows are not tied, they are free to roam around and have fun with their friends. We ensure hygienic and natural soft bedding for our cows to keep them comfortable.

It is a completely hand-touch free milking process to preserve the purity of our milk.

We offer our products in eco friendly glass bottles to retain the freshness.

To eliminate any scope of adulteration, we directly deliver our products from your farm to your doorstep.

Packet Milk

  • ❌ Cattles are not Test. It is a mixture of cow as well as buffalo milk
  • ❌ Milk collected from thousands of small farmers without strict quality control.
  • ❌ Rampant use of oxytocin hormone to increase milk yield eventually seeps into milk consumed by you.
  • ❌ Heavy use of antibiotics on livestock due to poor sanitation conditions.
  • ❌ Cattle fed is unplanned, They are left to be fed on anything, thus the nutrition value is low.
  • ❌ Milk chilled after 2-4 hours of milking leading to increased bacterial load.
  • ❌ Due to poor cold-chain infrastructure middlemen add hydrogen peroxide and formalin to milk to prolong its freshness.
  • ❌ One in two cows in India is infected with mastitis leading to higher SCC(somatic cell count) in milk ( > 1 million cells/ml).
  • ❌ Homogenization alters fat & protein composition of milk.
  • ❌ Due to a long chain of middlemen, milk is delivered after 96 hours of milking.
  • ❌ Recent research suggests that 70% of packet milk in the market is reconstituted with skimmed milk powder.

Active Moo Milk

  • ✅ All cows are tested genomically for various parameters including A2A2 protein.
  • ✅ Milk collected from our single large farm and undergoes quality checks before packaging.
  • ✅ Artificial growth hormones are banned at our farm in compliance with government instructions.
  • ✅ Strong quarantine processes and 24/7 vets ensure good livestock health.
  • ✅ Systematic diet is planned for each cow as per their nutritional need ensuring they get rich nutritious diet.
  • ✅ Milk rapidly chilled to 4C within seconds of milking leading to minimal bacterial load.
  • ✅ Our world class cold-chain infrastructure maintains freshness & purity of milk till your doorstep.
  • ✅ Active Moo Farms Milk is 100% Raw A2 Cow's milk with lowest bacterial count
  • ✅ No middlemen, no delays. Milk delivered fresh everyday.
  • ✅ Active Moo Farms A2 Cow Milk is delivered everyday with a guarantee of freshness & purity. Nothing added or subtracted.